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We are celebrating 30 years!







On October 7, 1987 the Blood Tribe Chief and Council under the leadership of Chief Roy Fox passed BCR FY87-88-6355 creating the Blood Tribe Education Society. This education society was mandated to assume control of all federal schools on the Blood Reserve effective September 1, 1988. Before the end of the 1987-1988 school year, Dr. Pier DePaola became the first superintendent. The Blood Tribe Education Society (now Kainai Board of Education) has had a total of four superintendents since 1988: Dr. Pier DePaola, the late Mrs. Joyce Good Striker, Mr. Richard A. Fox, and Cam Shade (our current superintendent). In 1988 there were three schools and a college under the Blood Tribe Education Society. Since 1988, the Tatsikiisaap'op Middle School was built making it number four. The Laverne Elementary School has become the Aahsaopi Elementary School. Standoff Day School was renamed Saipoyi Community School. The old St. Mary's school has also been renamed Kainai High School. Red Crow Community College has its own board of directors now and is a separate entity altogether. The Kainai Alternate Academy is located at Saipoyi Community School in Standoff.




September 21 -22, 2018 


Drumming Contest: 

1st Place Black Lodge 

2nd Place Black Otter 

3rd Place Blackfoot Confederacy 

Junior Categories: 

Jr Girls Traditional: 

1st Place Jaklyn Wolf Child Kainai 

2nd Place Autumn Black Kettle Siksika 

3rd Place Maezee Powder Cochrane 

Jr Girls Jingle: 

1st Place Sierra Provost Kainai 

2nd Place Lyla Left Hand Stoney 

3rd Place Keanna Turning Robe Siksika 

Jr Girls Fancy: 

1st Place Michelle Wolf Child Kainai 

2nd Place Mikalya Hunt Kainai 

3rd Place Jovie Potts Kainai 

Jr Boys Traditional: 

1st Place Calvert Wolf Child Jr Kainai 

Jr Boys Grass: 

1st Place Gerald Turning Robe Siksika 

2nd Place Christopher Rabbit Kainai 

3rd Place Ripley Wood Pincher Creek 

Jr Boys Fancy: 

1st Place Lennox Bull Bear Siksika 

2nd Place Mickey Wells Kainai 

3rd Place Alistair Wolf Child Kainai 

Jr Boys Chicken: 

1st Place Caius Bull Bear Siksika 

2nd Place Christopher Weasel Moccasin Kainai 

3rd Place Aiden Deerfoot Kainai 

Teen Categories: 

Teen Girls Traditional: 

1st Place Sparrow Little Sky Morley 

2nd Place Layla Good Eagle Siksika 

3rd Place Karis Good Striker Kainai 

Teen Girls Jingle: 

1st Place Kodie Weasel Head Kainai 

2nd Place Teagan Rabbit Carrier Siksika 

3rd Place Taiann Devine Kainai 

Teen Girls Fancy: 

1st Place Daelynn Water Chief Siksika 

2nd Place Kyrese Mountain Horse Kainai 

3rd Place Cheyenne Wadsworth Lethbridge 

Teen Boys Traditional: 

1st Place Louie Hunt Kainai 

2nd Place Jaiden CAN Heart Butte 

3rd Place Chander Scout Kainai 

Teen Boys Grass: 

1st Place John Potts Kainai 

2nd Place Obi Sleigh Siksika 

Teen Boys Fancy: 

1st Place Cordell Roan Pigeon Lake 

2nd Place Tommy Strikes with a gun Brocket 

3rd Place Keegan Buffalo Sampson Cree 

Teen Boys Chicken: 

1st Place Gus Calf Robe Kainai 

2nd Place Sage Many Feathers Kainai 

3rd Place Jamal CAN Heart Butte 

Golden Age Categories: 

Woman’s Buckskin/Traditional 50+: 

1st Place Bonnie Weasel Moccasin Kainai 

2nd Place Wilma Crow Chief Kainai 

3rd Place Barb Bruised Head Kainai 

Woman’s Golden Age 50+: 

1st Place Shirley Hill Siksika 

2nd Place Paula Weasel Head Kainai 

Men’s Buckskin: 

1st Place Brian McDougall Piikani 

2nd Place Maynard Kicking Woman Browning 

Men’s Golden Age 50+: 

1st Place Luke Whiteman Browning 

2nd Place Stan White Man Sr Browning 

3rd Place George Good Striker Kainai 

Adult Categories: 

Woman’s Traditional: 

1st Place Askiw Roa Pigeon Lake 

2nd Place Tori Eagle Speaker Kainai 

3rd Place Orrie Little Sky Morley 

Woman’s Jingle: 

1st Place Osa Roan Pigeon Lake 

2nd Place Simone Left Hand Siksika 

3rd Place Dakota Wadsworth Kainai 

Woman’s Fancy: 

1st Place Alannah Tailfeathers Kainai 

2nd Place Tashina Calf Robe Kainai 

3rd Place Kenisha Roan Pigeon Lake 

Men’s Traditional: 

1st Place Piita Many Feathers Kainai 

2nd Place Calvert Wolf Child Kainai 

3rd Place Matthew Sheka Jr Window Rock Arizona 

Men’s Grass: 

1st Place Siksika Calf Robe Gallup NM 

2nd Place Hutch Sitting Eagle Jr Siksika 

3rd Place Tiegan Sleigh Siksika 

Men’s Fancy: 

1st Place Sheldon Scalp Lock Siksika 

2nd Place Nugget Bull Bear Siksika 

3rd Place Todd Deerfoot Kainai 

Men’s Chicken: 

1st Place Harlan Wells Calgary 

2nd Place Kyle Young Pine Kainai 

3rd Place Mal Caibaiosai Piikani





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