May 5 - Teacher Job posting for Saipoyi Elementary School


May 5 - Board of Directors Election

KAINAI BOARD OF EDUCATION Board of Directors Election: 1.  Kainai Board of Educati...

Oct 14 - Kainai Board of Education Wellness Policy Survey

We are excited to announce the new Kainai Board of Education Wellness Policy, which will s...


Within the context of Nitsitapi Culture and Language, the Kainai Board of Education educates Tribal members. Kainai schools offer programs to produce confident and culturally sensitive students. The Board seeks to have students become responsible, natural learners, aware of their special individual abilities in a metacognitive environment. These students value a traditional and contemporary lifestyle. The Kainai Board of Education shall maintain policies for the most effective use of:

  • Human and community resources
  • Financial resources
  • Provincial education consultants
  • Support services for students attending provincial schools
  • Innovative education practices

Then the Board shall work cooperatively with other agencies to ensure that students have access to further education and job opportunities which shall encourage a quality standard of living.

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Mar 6 - Labor Day Holiday

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