Insignia Library System

KBE librarians at work with Leah HaistKBE librarians at work with Leah Haist

Kainai Board of Education schools will soon be implementing the Insignia Library System for Saipoyi Community School, Aahsaopi ELementary School and Tatsikiisaapo'p Middle School.  This state of the art system will allow the three schools to be securely connected over the WWW to share resources as an interlibrary system.   

Leah Haist, from Insignia, drove from Edmonton to conduct the one day seminar for the staff.   Tammy Buckskin (AES), Sharon Tailfeathers (SCS), and Kathy Goodstriker (TMS) are enthusiastic to begin implementing the program.   Linda Weasel Head (KBE Curriculum Coordinator) also attended the hands-on workshop.  Staff were impressed with the ease using the features for circulation, patrons, reports, cataloging, and tech support. 

Thank you to Kainai Public Library for hosting this training session.