About Us

Kainai Board of Education

On October 7, 1987, the Blood Tribe Chief and Council, under the leadership of Chief Roy Fox, passed BCR FY87-88-6355 creating the Blood Tribe Education Society. This education society was mandated to assume control of all federal schools on the Blood Reserve effective September 1, 1988.

Before the end of the 1987-1988 school year, the hiring of teachers had been completed and Dr. Pier DePaola became the first superintendent of the Blood Tribe Education Society (since renamed the Kainai Board of Education). There have been a total of four superintendents since 1988. Joyce Goodstriker was the second superintendent, Richard A. Fox was the third superintendent, and Cameron Shade is the fourth and current superintendent.

In 1988, there were three schools and a college under the Blood Tribe Education Society. Since 1988, the Tatsikiisaap'op Middle School was built making it number four. The Laverne Elementary School has become the Aahsaopi Elementary School. Standoff Day School was renamed Saipoyi Community School. The old St. Mary's school has also been renamed Kainai High School. Red Crow Community College has its own board of directors now and is a separate entity altogether. The Kainai Alternate Academy is housed at the current Saipoyi Community School building in Standoff.

Our Program Philosophy

Our Children are Our Future: we offer the best of two worlds by teaching 21st century skills for lifelong learning and follow the spirit and intent of Kainayssini.

Our Goals

  • To strengthen the Blackfoot language and increase knowledge of our culture and history

  • In teaching a second language to our students we enable them to think more creatively and therefore increase their academic capacity for all subjects in school.

  • That we continue to work with parents and elders to maintain our own unique language and culture.

  • To follow the Alberta Program of Studies from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

  • To offer Professional Development in all areas to staff.