Curriculum and Learning Assessment

Kainai Public Library/Learning Commons

Kainai Public Library is the first public library on a Reserve in Alberta. We shared the Municipal Mnister's Award with Chinook Arch Regional LIbrary System awarded at the Alberta Library Conference in 2012. We set the pace by developing a partnership with Chief and Council (BCR and suport), CHinook Arch Regional Library System (services with 33 other libraries and Rural Grant for operating costs) and Kainai Board of Education (Fees and staff support). Out community partners are the Sunris Rotary Club in Lethbridge (supplied us with computer stations), Urban Rotary CLub in Lethbridge (dontated books and fundraising) and Raymond Rotary CLub who donated hundreds of books for distribution. We are engaged in developing a Learning Commons to provide services to Headstart to Grade 12. We offer sewing classes, taught by Mavis Smith, to adults who are intereted in creating Sundance bags, skirts and quilts. We will be expanding this class to include the making of Moss Bags and baby moccasins. We partner with Books for Babies to offer two free new books to young parents. Parents can also choose free books from the donated books for themselves and their child (ren) from the free book shelves. We will also be placing "little libraries" this fall at Moses Lake, Shot Both SIdes Building and at the lower level of the Blood Tribe Multi-purpose building.

One of the highlights for KPL is assiting with the Annual Literacy Pow-wow along with the First Nation Student Success Program who, under the direction of Connie Wells, Coordinator, gives out new Scholastic books and book bags every year, and with Kainai Board of Education for providing the venue on a rotating basis at each school. At that time we also make available free and gently donated books to the public.

In 2015, Kainai Public library was the recipient of the R.E.A.D Award from Chinook Arch Regional Library System. Thie award is given annually to one of the 34 member libraries who hae demonstrated innovation in services. The Sewing classes and Literacy Pow-wow were cited as the being invovated and helpijg to improve community literacy and engagement.

2016-17 School Year will see many more programs. Watch for details as we develop the work plan.