Weasel Head, Linda

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Weasel Head, Linda

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About Me

Linda has been employed with KBE since 1989. She was a classroom teacher, principal of Tatsikiisaapo'p Miple School, Kainai Alternate Academy and curriculum coordinator.

Presently, Linda is the Kainai Public Library Learning Commons Education Consultant. Her job is to find resurces tht will support the community and teaching staff in implementing and updating effective, quality instruction to meet the needs of a perse and mulit-leveled classroom. Linda assists in meeting the following goals set out by KBE:

1. strengthen the Blackfoot Language and increase knowledge of culture and history

2. increase academic capacity for all subjects in the schools by working with principals and staff

3. increase awareness with parents, guardians and community on how they can support their school by making pertinent information available on literacy and numeracy issues

Teachers are the heart of the classroom and school. She believes time and resources to improve the daily teaching proactices is important in increasing student achievement and success.

Linda sits on the Chinook Arch Regional Library System as a board member for the Kainai Public Library. She was also elected to the executive commitee for the Alberta Teacher's Association FNMI Education Council and is the past Conference Coordinator.

Linda enjoys writing poetry, reading, and plays handgames on ocassion.